Influence for impact, improvement and growth

Stakeholders and customers are increasingly influential in decision-making and the overall operations of businesses and/or their projects around the world. Do you know who has the power to positively or negatively influence or impact your business or project?


Effective stakeholder management makes sure you’re connecting with the right people at the right time in the right way. To do this, you need to keep your stakeholders satisfied by being aware of their priorities and issues, and understanding their level of influence, so you can manage emerging issues long before they impact your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.


We work with our clients to develop a Stakeholder Management Plan that:

  • clearly articulates your project goals and engagement objectives
  • identifies and prioritises your stakeholders based on their needs/interest and influence on your business or project
  • tailors an engagement strategy for each stakeholder that meets both your needs and the preferences of your stakeholder
  • provides tools to support you to capture, analyse and action outcomes from your stakeholder engagement
  • outlines a pathway to ensure you’re connecting and communicating to build trust, confidence and credibility with customers and your key stakeholders.

Why aslanconnect?

We work with you to develop a stakeholder management solution that’s fit-for-purpose to sustainably support your business and/or project.

Your plan will be based on the latest in stakeholder engagement theory using a framework that we believe is right for your needs.

We have developed stakeholder management plans for local and State Government initiatives, a water utility, a leading Brisbane university and for projects at two of Queensland’s major ports, plus many more.

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.