Poor leadership impacts employee morale, increases employee turnover, decreases productivity and directly impacts on your customers’ experience of your brand and your bottom line.

A major challenge facing leaders is to navigate among conflicting goals, and leading people with different personality profiles, or from different cultures where different leadership styles, motivation levels and values sometimes clash. And, sometimes, we all need a little help seeing the forest for trees!


“Leadership is a relationship between those that aspire to lead and those that choose to follow; therefore, the quality of this relationship matters most when we are engaged in getting extraordinary things done” (Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner).

Working with a coach can be challenging and even a little daunting. But, if you’re brave, committed and curious, you’ll find that building a coaching relationship with Brian or Majella from the aslanconnect team, can be a powerful catalyst to:

  • better understanding yourself
  • understanding others more clearly so you can lead more effectively
  • learning new ways to respond to others and different situations
  • building on your strengths
  • building more productive relationships
  • helping you to get clearer about your goals, and what you need to do to achieve them.

Our approach

Leadership coaching is about helping you navigate your role via confidential one-on-one meetings tailored to support your unique leadership journey.

Why aslanconnect?

Our experience is based on many years of working in different industry sectors in company’s large and small. Our expertise is underpinned by post graduate studies in leadership, emotional intelligence and a good dose of common sense.

We believe leadership comes from the heart. We’ll support you, in whatever area is relevant for you, to further develop your ability to lead the way and empower others to achieve the goals of your business.

“Challenges are not the issue. 

It’s how we respond to them that matters.”

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, The Leadership Challenge

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