The importance of sustainability now goes far beyond environmental issues, as the need to behave responsibly becomes a key aspect of strategy and operations.

It’s not so long ago that sustainability was seen by most businesses as little more than a peripheral ‘green’ issue. Often packaged as useful for reducing energy and waste disposal costs or supporting some worthy community causes, it was rarely seen as central to a company’s core business.

That view is changing, and rapidly. Businesses from all sectors are having to confront and adapt to a range of disruptive forces including globalisation, increased urbanisation, intense competition for raw materials and natural resources and a revolution in technology that is challenging the business models of many sectors while forcing all companies to be more accountable to, and transparent with, all of their stakeholders.

As a result, sustainability is moving from the business side-lines into the mainstream. Aslanconnect has the knowledge and experience to integrate sustainability into a business’s organisational strategies and vision, creating a dynamic and innovative business enabler for ongoing success.

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